Water bath WTB scores with compact design and ease of operation

The South German laboratory equipment manufacturer Memmert presents one of its classics with modern comfort features and a contemporary design: the new waterbath WTB is light, compact, user-friendly and modularly expandable.

Water Bath: Compact, space-saving construction

"Our new waterbath WTB is compact class and comfort class in one," explains Philipp Schwarm, Managing Director and Head of R&D at Memmert. Heating and control technology as well as design have been developed from scratch, so that the compact, lightweight appliances can fit into any laboratory. The guiding design principle, however, was maximum operating convenience.

Water Bath: Intuitive operation, flexible expansion

The central eye-catcher on the unmistakable structural stainless steel housing is the personalisable remote view CustomView of the touchscreen. From every corner of the laboratory, users always have the essential parameters in view. The stainless steel tray has rounded corners and a drain valve as standard. The bath can be completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned without tilting. For special applications, the circulation pump, shaking device and test tube holder or insertable rack can be expanded at any time. The Memmert waterbath is available with an interior volume between 7 and 51 litres and has a temperature setting range from 5 ℃ above room temperature to 100 ℃. With a Peltier cooling device, the medium can be cooled down to +10 ℃.

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Press release | New waterbath series from the house of Memmert

New waterbath series WTB from the house of Memmert

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