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The development of energy-saving technologies is a social obligation in times of climate change and rising energy prices. With the new waterbath cooling, Memmert once more does justice to its pioneering role in the use of Peltier technology.
No supplier has a larger range of these compact, absolutely smooth-running, economical and energy-saving appliances. The environmentally friendly and incomparably precise cooling device CDP 115 can be accommodated easily on all Memmert waterbath models and allows work to be performed with temp

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The year’s live event for the ACHEMA community is the ACHEMA Pulse 2021. Although held every third year at an actual venue with attendees, due to pandemic restrictions, Memmert, and other industry members, will be hosting their exhibitions online at this year’s virtual ACHEMA Pulse 2021.
The event is key to establishing close contact with customers, distributors, answer queries, give live demonstrations of product use, application information, ideas exchange for positive feedback and, primarily, also to introduce latest technologies and products. For this year, Memmert will be live