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These service videos introduce users to the software interface. Additionally, to help users with any hardware or software issues, we have published how-to videos on easy fixes. Downloading protocol, using AtmoCONTROL to replacing the ControlCOCKPIT, users will find all video tutorials here.
Service Videos Our service videos help you to carry out simple service work on Memmert appliances yourself with the necessary technical training. The interactive and responsive video instructions show you the most important steps quickly and clearly. Please take caution and warning notices seri
Product Videos Waterbath WTB The water bath is perfect for everyday use in the laboratory. It is compact, easy to clean, and empties quickly because of its optimised drainage system. The touchscreen impresses with its intuitive and convenient menu navigation. With CustomView,
90 years milestones in temperature control technology 2023 was the 90th anniversary of the founding of the company Memmert in Schwabach. The perfect excuse to do a little detective work and to continue the company's history. The culture of our company was characterised by the founder, Willi Mem
Revolutionary innovations in temperature control and air conditioning technology. Use our know-how and manufacturing capacities for your project!
Individual design meets strategic partnership The range of services of m360 includes both small modifications and complex high-tech innovations. m360 Innovations m360 is the think tank for revolutionary innovations in temperature and climate control products. Ou
Vacuum oven technology explained by a veteran expert. Read about its use, application, technical specialties and more in this Memmert exclusive interview.
Memmert: Hello Mr. Bayer, you have been part of the Memmert family for 35 years and know the product portfolio like the back of your hand – or maybe even better! You have already told us that the VO vacuum oven is one of your favorite products. Why?Heinz Bayer:

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Product Videos Image Videos Service Videos These service videos introduce users to the software interface. Additionally, to help users with any hardware or software issues, we have published how-to videos on easy fixes. Downloa
In this article, the method of vacuum drying in the laboratory is explained by means of a study on the preparation of gum from basil.
The following summarizes the published study in the International Food Research Journal detailing the use of the Memmert vacuum oven VO in the test determining effect of the various drying methods on the texture and rheological properties of basil seed gum. It is one of the many applications of
Petals of the marigold contain valuable lutein. You can read in this article how the lutein can be extracted with the help of a vacuum oven.
The Chemistry Study Program and Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments from Universitas Ma Chung published a study in May 2019 on the Integrated solvent-free extraction and encapsulation of lutein from marigold petals and its application by using a laboratory vacuum drying oven from Memme
In this article, you will discover the health benefits of seaweed through the use of Memmert laboratory vacuum oven working on lipid extracts.
Seaweed has a wide array of applications in food, fertilizers, phycocolloids, and cosmetic ingredients for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. It is, however, considered underutili
Memmert vacuum oven VO is used in fabricating planar electrodes.
This article describes the findings in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials , available at the National Institute for Materials Science and Taylor & Francis . You can read the full report here . A planar electrode is an unshielded electrode embedded in an insula