analytica 2010 with a focus on communication

Thank you! We would like to thank all of our visitors to the analytica 2010 in Munich. Once again, you have turned this trade fair into a multilingual place of encounter and exchange. The main topics were the further development of Memmert appliances with Peltier technology and modern communication between manufacturers and distributors.

Peltier technology remains a driving force of growth

"New Atmospheres", the motto of the trade fair, is reflected in the presentation of new equipment on the Memmert exhibition stand. The INCO CO2 incubator with an optional O2 module and the ICP cooled incubator with an extended temperature range from -12°C to 60°C starting from a chamber volume of 256 litres now offer the user even more options for a precisely controlled atmosphere.  The company's position as world market leader in Peltier technology was also consolidated. The IPP 800 Peltier-cooled incubator with a chamber volume of 749 litres and the IPS 749 storage chamber complete the unique Memmert range of appliances with Peltier technology. 

At the end of the four days in Munich, the entire Memmert team expressed their thanks to the visitors. By coming and showing interest, they had made all the efforts in preparation for the trade fair worthwhile.

But not only the new appliances were received with enthusiasm. Our

evening event, under the continued motto "Discovering new Atmospheres", was a raving success. In the historic surroundings of the  Munich Transport Museum everything revolved around communication and mobility among our dealers from 27 different countries.

After a warm welcome from managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa, internationally renowned biology professor Jürgen Tautz from Würzburg University gave a witty lecture on the impressive communicative skills of bees. Among other things, he introduced the famous tail wagging dance, with which these wonderful insects, in the truest sense of the word, communicate to their fellow bees the location of and distance to sources of food.

Fortunately, the excellent buffet could be found without any impromptu dancing breaking out, before Angelika Henneberg presented the expert platform and the new Memmert website to our guests. A great evening that went down extremely well with the 120 guests.