Energy efficiency: The countdown is on!

Peltier for maximum energy efficiency, precision and durability! In autumn 2015, Memmert puts its considerable product range of Peltier appliances in the focus of a green campaign. Incubation, conditioning, storing or low temperature drying – far-sighted and cost-conscious laboratories can find a suitable Memmert Peltier appliance for a number of different uses.

With its cooled incubator IPP, Memmert introduced the first Peltier appliance in 2000. Thanks to the Peltier heating and cooling system that was developed in-house,it achieved performance values that until then had seemed impossible due to the low level of effectiveness Peltier elements had for technological reasons. The Peltier era had begun. In the meantime, Memmert brought five Peltier appliances to the market: the cooled incubator IPP, the cooled storage incubator IPS, the constant climate chamber HPP, the Peltier cooled vacuum oven VOcool and the Peltier cooling unit CDP115 for water baths. And the outstanding features of the Memmert portfolio continue to be unrivalled: maximum energy efficiency and precision, short heating up times, short recovery times after opening the door and durability with almost no maintenance requirements.

 Peltier Flyer

By the way, you can find a Peltier  user report on one very unique Peltier appliance on our AtmoSAFE user platform. With a transparent Memmert climate chamber with Peltier heating and cooling technology, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (German National Metrology Institute) in Brunswick analyses to what extent changing the temperature and humidity conditions influences the properties of the torque sensor. For those interested in the technology, a detailed description of the Memmert Peltier heating and cooling system can also be found on our AtmoSAFE  site.