The Giurdanellas - retired but not tired

They both worked at Memmert for 48 years. The fact that Salvatore and Gabi Giurdanella are going into retirement now is unimaginable for many fellow Memmert employees. This was obvious at the farewell party from the high praise given to them both by the factory management in Büchenbach and the commercial and technical management.


Goodbye, Salvatore!

His own farewell party was one of the few events where Salvatore did not take pictures himself. The native Sicilian was not only Memmert’s internal photographer at all major events, but is also one of the best amateur photographers in Germany. He has been rewarded many times, among others as a member of the Ehrenloge deutscher Fotografen (ELDAF; German amateur photography royalty). You also can't imagine the Roth Challenge, the world’s largest long-distance triathlon, without Salvatore, who has documented this unique sporting event with his camera for many years. 

As his main profession, Salvatore worked in the Memmert production factory in Büchenbach for 39 and a half years, first at the bevelling machine and then in tube manufacturing. But the numerous visitors will remember him standing next to the two welding robots Max and Moritz, which he operated for many years and liked to demonstrate in action. 

“I stayed at Memmert longer than anywhere else”, Salvatore Giurdanella reminisces. “The rest of the time I spent sleeping, in my wife's company or taking photographs.” Now he is looking forward to many enjoyable hours with his family, on his Harley Davidson and of course with his camera. 

Thank you both for everything!

Matthias Grosser, technical managing director at Memmert, thanked the couple for everything they did for Memmert. At the end of his farewell speech, he talked about an experience he will never forget: At the 2009 Roth Challenge, he was cheerfully asked to “smile, please!” after 140 exhausting kilometres on his bicycle. It was of course Salvatore who asked him as he was taking photographs of the Challenge from the pillion seat of his motorcycle.

“She was always the quickest at counting money”, joked Jürgen Gambert when giving his farewell speech for his long-term bookkeeping employee, Gabi Giurdanella. Maybe it was because she worked at a bank before starting at Memmert. The newcomer to the field soon became one of the most reliable employees, who always, without exception, “did a super job”, Gambert pointed out. And so he is all the more grateful that she will still be working a few hours every week to support her colleagues after leaving.

Werner Gerhard, the long-term factory manager at Büchenbach, also expressed that he hoped to see Salvatore Giurdanella visit every now and again. “You are always welcome here”, he declared. In his many years working with Max and Moritz, Salvatore welded around 1 million “cages” − unloaded oven casings. This was reason enough to give him a cage with a name plate filled with treats and vouchers as a farewell present.