“Temperature control chambers – It’s all down to the atmosphere”, is how Laborpraxis magazine titled its report on the AtmoSAFE seal of quality, the CTC climatic test chamber and the TTC temperature test chamber from the company Memmert. In German. 

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Do you have a special application and you want to know which appliance is best suited for it? Without investing immediately in new equipment, you can have your processes tested in advance in our technical centre.

Men dream of winning, and woman dream about children’s names. Five Memmertians used quite different strategies to fight their inner struggles on Sunday, 12th July 2009 at the Quelle Challenge in Roth. A great atmosphere, optimal weather conditions and best times from the world elite again ensured an unforgettable experience.

They are durable, robust, precise, reliable and user-friendly. The quality characteristic of cleanroom-suitable can now be added to the properties which describe our appliances.

Additional energy efficiency discount granted. With our active support, Memmert appliances based on Peltier technology are not only unparalleled in energy efficiency, but also in terms of economy.

The development of energy-saving technologies is a social obligation in times of climate change and rising energy prices. With the new waterbath cooling, Memmert once more does justice to its pioneering role in the use of Peltier technology.

Memmert celebrated its new products at the ACHEMA 2009 not just with a fanfare, but with an entire symphony. The focus was on the new climate and temperature test chambers, representing the AtmoSAFE philosophy.

Customer portrait Karolinska Institute | In focus: Paraffin oven UNE PA | Christiane Riefler-Karpa as finisher at Quelle Challenge in Roth | Beekeeping in the IPP cooled incubator | CO2 incubators now with HEPA-filter | Sales Force in Germany reinforced | Memmert TechLab MPTC

Certification with the Tested Device certificate of purity from the Fraunhofer-Institut for the two Memmert universal ovens UFP 500 and UFP 800 was also worthy of a report for International Labmate magazine. In English.

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Rapid, precise and energy-saving temperature changes in the range from -42 ºC to +190 ºC, along with fast humidity recovery times, make the TTC temperature test chamber and the CTC climatic test chamber with humidity unit a perfect duo for controlled material and function tests, as well as ageing tests.