Product News

Memmert ya ha comenzado a convertir la cámara climática CTC y la cámara para pruebas térmicas TTC al refrigerante R449A. Por lo tanto, el funcionamiento de todos los equipos queda garantizado también después del 31/12/2019.

A partir de ahora, todas las cámaras de humedad HCP de Memmert están disponibles de serie con el equipamiento de comodidad TwinDISPLAY. Un modelo compacto de mesa de 56 litros complementa la gama de cámaras de humedad, presentado por primera vez en la Control 2018 en Stuttgart.

Las cámaras de calentamiento de mantas en la sala de urgencias del departamento de emergencias son imprescindibles en el caso del tratamiento inicial de los enfermos graves. En una estufa IFbw de Memmert, las mantas y toallas precalentadas de modo preciso están disponibles inmediatamente para envolver cálidamente a los pacientes antes y después de una operación y para reducir...

The Memmert CO2 incubator ICOmed now is a class IIa medical device for in-vitro fertilisation and biosynthesis. The CE label on the appliances includes the mark 0197, denoting TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH as the notified body.

The HPP model family now encompasses six different sizes. With a chamber volume of 384 or 1060 litres, the constant climate chambers HPP400 and HPP1060 complement our range of innovative and environmentally-friendly climate chambers.

More capacity, much faster, more efficient – the new addition to the Memmert portfolio of constant climate chambers with Peltier technology. The HPP1400 with 1400 litres volume is ideally suited for stability tests of large samples and batches in pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industry.

Our Memmert team in China can look back on a very successful 2015. Outstanding efforts in sales and marketing were acknowledged with two of the most popular awards in the sector.

Under the motto "Safety at all times", Memmert introduces the new CO2 incubator ICO at the analytica 2016 trade show. The appliance is available in four sizes and is equipped with diverse functions to guarantee safety and easy operation.

Peltier for maximum energy efficiency, precision and durability! In autumn 2015, Memmert puts its considerable product range of Peltier appliances in the focus of a green campaign. Incubation, conditioning, storing or low temperature drying – far-sighted and cost-conscious laboratories can find a suitable Memmert Peltier appliance for a number of different uses.

The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) gave Memmert the approval to patent a frame that is used for cultivating cell cultures in a CO2 incubator. The Memmert IVF module, an incubation unit with separate slide units, minimises the recovery times for CO2 content and humidity after opening the door.