Product News

The South German laboratory equipment manufacturer Memmert presents one of its classics with modern comfort features and a contemporary design: the new waterbath WTB is light, compact, user-friendly and modularly expandable.

The new Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco and the cooled incubator IPPeco operate with a hitherto unrivalled efficiency. In terms of energy consumption, they leave both compressor-cooled appliances and appliances with previous Peltier technology far behind. With a maximum interior volume of 2140 litres, the new products are also suitable for use in large laboratories.

It is always important to have reliable partners - in the good times and especially so, in the bad times. In order to be able to fulfil your device wishes quickly and as we are near the end of the year, our production department has put in extra shifts. But that's not all: Our end-of-year package contains good news for you.

On 25 May 2017 was announced that the transitional period of MDR will end on the 26 May 2020. The new Medical Device Regulation (MDR), also called the European Medical Device Regulation, should have came into force across Europe by the 26 May 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, the EU Commission has now decided to set 26 May 2021 as the amended date of implementation of the MDR.

We are often asked whether shakers that are continuously operated in climate chambers are influencing the temperature.

When our first HPP constant climate appliance rolled off the assembly line in Büchenbach some 10 years ago, we had no idea that the HPP was going to be our most successful product range. As pioneers in the use of environmentally friendly Peltier technology in the laboratory, we are particularly proud of it. We have since delivered over 10,000 HPP appliances and become the...

En ACHEMA 2018, Memmert introduce dos equipos con regulación de temperatura con CO2 que no daña el clima como refrigerante (R744). La cámara climática ICHeco y el incubador refrigerado con compresor ICPeco no solo son más respetuosos con el medio ambiente, sino que también son más potentes como equipos que se refrigeran con gases fluorados de efecto invernadero.

Junto con la bomba de vacío de velocidad variable, la nueva serie VO de estufas de vacío de Memmert tiene un enorme rendimiento energético. Desde que fuera presentada en Achema 2018, todos los equipos también vienen de serie con el equipamiento de comodidad TwinDISPLAY.

Memmert ya ha comenzado a convertir la cámara climática CTC y la cámara para pruebas térmicas TTC al refrigerante R449A. Por lo tanto, el funcionamiento de todos los equipos queda garantizado también después del 31/12/2019.

A partir de ahora, todas las cámaras de humedad HCP de Memmert están disponibles de serie con el equipamiento de comodidad TwinDISPLAY. Un modelo compacto de mesa de 56 litros complementa la gama de cámaras de humedad, presentado por primera vez en la Control 2018 en Stuttgart.