Product News

Para las aplicaciones en ensayos de materiales de construcción o en citología, en las que se necesiten temperaturas por debajo de la temperatura ambiente, humedad y una atmósfera con CO2, Memmert completa su gama de cámaras climáticas ICH con el modelo 256C, que dispone de regulación de CO2.

Los ensayos de estabilidad realizados en las cámaras climáticas se prolongan durante meses o incluso a menudo durante años. Con el fin de poder comparar los resultados con fiabilidad, la nueva cámara climática ICH de Memmert ofrece una excelente y constante homogeneidad para los valores de temperatura y humedad.

For all Memmert appliances sold and delivered from March 1st, 2011, a worldwide guarantee period of three years applies.

A partir de febrero de 2011 ofrecemos un modelo estándar a un precio muy atractivo con la posibilidad de añadirle las funciones opcionales que más se adecuen a sus necesidades individuales.

NEW as of February 2011! Memmert continues to expand its position as the technology leader in the field of Peltier appliances. An LED light module is now available for the constant climate chamber HPP 110, making applications such as seed germination, plant cultivation and insect breeding, specially Drosophila breeding, possible under a constant climate and under daylight...

Process validation for a Memmert hot-air steriliser is no problem at all. As an example, we have commissioned an accredited testing laboratory to perform a process validation for our SNE 200 and SFP 500 appliances. The test setup was based on the guidelines of the DGKH (German Society for Hospital Hygiene) and the requirements specified in the draft standard ISO/DIS 20857.2 for...

People say that being copied is the greatest compliment a manufacturer can be paid. We usually take quite a relaxed view towards such efforts, as however often others try to copy our heating concept, their efforts have invariably failed.

Memmert is granting a five-year guarantee on all vacuum ovens VO ordered between July 1st and December 31st 2010.

The specialist for fast but gentle drying, degassing, storing and conditioning from the Memmert company turns 10 this year. The manufacturer is taking this opportunity to celebrate with its customers and to extend the warranty period to five years for every vacuum...

Even more convenient with new functions, and still free of charge with every Memmert heating oven of the Excellent or Perfect class! Version 10.0 of the Celsius software for logging, documenting and programming temperature control processes is presented with a new look!

Storing samples with the new storage chamber IPS, cooled incubator IPP with 749 litres chamber volume, cooled incubator ICP 600 to 800 from -12 °C and CO2 incubator INCO with optional oxygen control.