¿Por qué Memmert?

Ecological responsibility Vision GreenLab

Environmental protection and the careful use of resources have always been part of Memmert's corporate philosophy. Under the motto GreenLab, we are pushing the development of energy-efficient laboratory equipment. No other manufacturer offers a wider range of productive cooled incubators and constant climate chambers which are cooled and heated with Peltier elements.

Heating or cooling working chambers in temperature control devices using conventional heaters and compressors requires a lot of energy. An environmentally friendly and at the same time virtually silent alternative can be found in thermoelectric or, more precisely, Peltier technology. For small cooling boxes or the cooling of CPUs and control cabinets, thermoelectric effects have been in use for a long time. These transmit heat while current is flowing. The low efficiency and susceptibility to stress of Peltier elements when switching or reversing polarity, however, prevented the broad use of this energy-efficient technology for a long time. 10 years ago, Memmert managed to adapt the Peltier principle for the first time for more productive laboratory equipment. The fact that the appliances are heated and cooled with one single system is to this day virtually unrivalled worldwide, as is the range of appliance sizes. Incidentally, the principle behind Peltier technology is explained in detail on our user platform  atmosafe.net.

The first appliance Memmert launched was the Peltier cooled incubator IPP in 2000. In 2008, the constant climate chamber HPP followed. In 2009, a cooling unit for water baths  with Peltier elements was introduced, the CDP115. In 2010, the cooled storage incubator IPS was added, and the latest addition to the Memmert Peltier portfolio followed in 2012 with the cooled vacuum oven VOcool. The development of energy-efficient laboratory equipment at Memmert, however, is not only limited to the use of Peltier technology. Prior to any market launch, all new appliances are tested for environmental impact and energy efficiency. The merit of Memmert appliances – namely the fact that they give off less heat to the environment than many competitor appliances - is down to the company's founder Willi Memmert, who developed a unique large-surface all-round heating system and the high-precision control technology.

Photovoltaic installation in Büchenbach

In a production facility, the use of machinery and equipment, by virtue of its nature, leaves behind a substantial carbon footprint. This is why a large-scale photovoltaic installation on the roof of the Memmert Büchenbach factory has been doing its part for the environment since early summer 2011. We are making use of the infinite power of the sun and are recovering more than half of our energy consumption through solar power. With an area of 9000 m2, the installation has an annual output of approx. 740 megawatt hours, saving an estimated 455 tons of CO2 over the same period.

Environmental protection day for day - out of conviction

  • The use of recyclable stainless steel
  • As little use as possible of composite materials
  • Compliance with EU Directives 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and 2002/96/EC (WEEE) - one of the first in our sector to do so
  • Waste separation and recycling (as far as possible) for all production waste and residue
  • The use of materials that are as environmentally-friendly as possible in production, e.g. lead-free soldering