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life sciences lab was inspired by our case study on protein cystallography and published an article describing the possible use of the Peltier-cooled incubator IPP for crystal growth, captioned "El incubador Peltier IPP de Memmert es ideal para la cristalografía de proteínas". Details on lifes
Ecological Responsibility Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. With energy efficient and climate-friendly laboratory equipment Memmert continues to push the development of the GreenLab.
Storing samples with the new storage chamber IPS, cooled incubator IPP with 749 litres chamber volume, cooled incubator ICP 600 to 800 from -12 °C and CO2 incubator INCO with optional oxygen control.
Why should anyone optimise the performance of an incubator for rapid, and thus energy-intensive, heating up and cooling down phases, when it is used mainly for storing samples at constant temperatures? Storage Chamber IPS As a consequence of this consideration, Memmert Engineering developed th
Climate-friendly refrigerant CO 2 (R744) The compression refrigeration systems in the Memmert climate chamber ICH eco and in the cooled incubator ICP eco operate with the refrigerant CO 2 (R744). Thanks to this climate-friendly refrigerant, the units are not only more environm
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80 years of Memmert | Memmert symposium | Challenge Roth | Climate chamber ICH and cooled incubator ICP of Generation 2012 | Obituary for Grete Memmert Riefler | Application report Ai Fame | Customer portrait Wisconsin Oven
Customer portrait Karolinska Institute | In focus: Paraffin oven UNE PA | Christiane Riefler-Karpa as finisher at Quelle Challenge in Roth | Beekeeping in the IPP cooled incubator | CO2 incubators now with HEPA-filter | Sales Force in Germany reinforced | Memmert TechLab MPTC
In short summaries, the LABO announces the Memmert trade fair product launches at the analytica 2010 in Munich: The IPS temperature control storage chamber for storing samples at constant temperatures, the digital oxygen control for the INCO CO2 incubator, the ICP cooled incubator with a subzero ran
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Peltier for maximum energy efficiency, precision and durability! In autumn 2015, Memmert puts its considerable product range of Peltier appliances in the focus of a green campaign. Incubation, conditioning, storing or low temperature drying – far-sighted and cost-conscious laboratories can find a suitable Memmert Peltier appliance for a number of different uses.
With its cooled incubator IPP, Memmert introduced the first Peltier appliance in 2000. Thanks to the Peltier heating and cooling system that was developed in-house,it achieved performance values that until then had seemed impossible due to the low level of effectiveness Peltier elements had for