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Memmert humidity chamber HCP used for bendability tests using rapeseed stalk for bio composite material production

The bike company ‘Radsport Ibert’ is using the ‘UF160plus’ for the tempering and hardening of high-end carbon components.

Climate chamber used for the copolymerization of proteins and monomers

Learn about a new laser-based method for creating structured magnetic actuation and emission (MAE) surfaces with a high aspect ratio with Memmert universal oven

Memmert proudly celebrates its first production facility abroad, with a grand opening ceremony in Changshu, Suzhou

Christiane Riefler, Managing Director of Memmert, took part in the "Alamäkiunti" Downhill Swim in the north of Finland together with her daughter and shows that fun, adventure, and successful business management do not get in each other’s way.

90 years ago the history of Memmert began – today, we are the world’s leading innovator when it comes to the development of climate and temperature control appliances for applications in R&D, industry and medicine. To-date, it has been a history marked by great boldness, an exceptional level of innovative strength and, last but not least, a healthy dose of adventurous spirit.

Memmert is the technology leader for Peltier laboratory appliances and, with its Advanced Peltier Technology, clearly stands out from comparable appliances from other manufacturers - this is also proven by various studies. Since we want our partners and customers to experience the unique Peltier effect first-hand and thus understand the effect even better, we have created an...

“How can a company improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs?”, was the question our apprentices were determined to answer. Nina, Albert and Maxi decided to undergo an EnergyScout training at the IHK Munich. With their newly acquired knowledge and driven by the desire to create a significant impact through small changes, they implemented a revolutionary project:

June 25, 2023: Perfect weather, amazing atmosphere along the roadside, and new world records – that's how we can best describe the DATEV Challenge Roth 2023. This year is not exceptional for the Memmert Family to eagerly participate in this remarkable event, ensuring the Memmert Mile is filled with life.