A triathlon summer for the Memmert family

Triathlons are as much a part of the region as they are of Memmert. That’s why both the Rothsee Triathlon and Challenge Roth are a firm component of the Memmert family’s event calendar. This year, we even had the pleasure of celebrating three anniversaries: 35 years of Challenge Roth, 30 years’ Rothsee Triathlon and 5 years’ Memmert Rothsee Triathlon. The Memmertians attended in large numbers on and next to the racetrack and celebrated a summer of triathlons together.

Memmert Rothsee Triathlon anniversary event

The Rothsee Triathlon is one of the most popular short-distance races in the world of triathlons. Memmert has been the main sponsor of this event for five years now and looks forward to supporting the organisers of this traditional race at the shores of the local Rothsee Lake. The Memmertians cheered on the over 2,000 athletes who raced along the track on that perfect summer day with enthusiasm.

Both participants and onlookers won great prizes before or after the race at the Memmert promo kiosk playing a wire loop game shaped as the company name. Anyone interested in joining the family received information on current trainee opportunities and open positions while enjoying a cool beverage from our Memmert appliance ICP260 and relaxing in our beach chairs as they watched the race.

Many Memmert athletes competed in the main event. 14 individual participants showed their athletic talent finishing the Olympic distance. Matthias Grosser, technical director, crossed the finishing line after 02:09:21 hours; once again placing a Team Memmert member among the top 15 athletes. Our sportspeople joined in four Memmert relay teams to brave the distance together. The fastest Memmert relay team, made up of Hanno Dietrich, Harald von Blumenthal, and Engles Mekonnen ranked 44th; completing the race in 02:46:50 hours. Florian Ortner, Felix Weisler, and Simon Messthaler raced together in the customisation team. The event gave them such a thrill they want to join next year’s Challenge Roth, the older brother of the Rothsee Triathlon. The other remaining Memmertians taking part in the 30th Memmert Rothsee Triathlon also completed the race with brilliant results.

Home of Triathlon

DATEV Challenge Roth has been the largest long-distance race for 35 years and every triathlete wants to come to Roth to experience the family-friendly and exciting event at least once. This day is the absolute season highlight for both professional and amateur triathletes. This year, 29 Memmert athletes joined the 3,400 individual participants, 650 relay teams, 7,000 helpers, and over 200,000 spectators. They faced the challenge of swimming 3.8 km, biking 180 km and running 42.2 km.

Like last year, the fastest local triathlete was, once again, a Memmert athlete. Stephan Weber completed the 226 kilometre competition in 09:06:36 hours and beat his personal record coming in 48th in the overall score. Alexander Koerfer won his claim to join as an individual participant in our raffle and dedicated his race to the German Centre for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology as a sponsored run. Besides the five individual participants, eight Memmert relay teams partook in the competition. The fastest relay team, with Armin Krause, Peter Heim, and Christoph Hillebrandt, completed the course in 09:10:32 coming in 17th. Marlene Karpa, Christina Müller and Annika Ehrhardt joined forces in the Memmert female relay team and scored 13th in the ladies’ category after finishing the triathlon in 11:06:00 hours.

Memmert was also well represented among the viewers along the track. At the Memmert fan park in Roth, the runners got a first push of motivation until kilometre 0.6 and were cheered on to reach the goal starting at kilometre 41.4. This event was an unforgettable experience for both the athletes and the viewers.

Full list of results of the Memmert participants:


Florian Ortner, Felix Weisler, Simon Messthaler


Peter Krieger, Sebastian Kröller, Norbert Schuster


Hanno Dietrich, Harald von Blumenthal, Engles Mekonnen


Armin Krause, Giuseppe Francioso, Hannes Rupprecht


Grosser, Matthias


Eckstein, Marco


Rudolph, Björn


Ritter, Dominik


Lauterbach, Günter


Pfähler, Erik


Sauer, Marina


Meisner, Melissa


Steuerer, Marc


Wild, Ralph


Achtnicht, Ralf


Klein, Christoph


Krug, Bettina

758Hagn, Oli00:50:5401:33:5801:12:3203:42:01
203Matthias Grosser00:58:0605:10:0303:35:0709:47:17
48Stephan Weber00:56:4705:54:0503:12:0709:06:36
182Marco Eckstein01:00:0905:16:2303:24:0909:44:30
403Bettina Krug01:29:0707:03:3106:27:4015:13:22
860Alexander Koerfer01:12:1805:40:3804:00:5011:01:14
23Peter Strauck, Günter Lauterbach, Tobias Kummer01:02:2605:05:2703:06:4709:17:24
71Mark Fischer, Benjamin Kohler, Markus Ruf00:57:3805:12:0103:45:5509:58:58
13Marlene Karpa, Christina Müller, Annika Ehrhardt01:35:3805:50:0503:37:0611:06:00
214Isabel Lessing, Thomas Ellinger, Benjamin Scholz01:25:3406:44:1003:19:4211:32:50
67Hanno Dietrich, Daniel Neubig, Engles Mekonnen01:21:0005:18:4603:10:5809:55:08
304Christiane Riefler-Karpa, Ralf Achtnicht, Harald von Blumenthal01:17:3906:31:4005:02:0712:55:02
171Erik Pfähler, Danny Herzog, Sven Bladt00:58:1406:03:1303:37:5610:43:35
17Armin Krause, Peter Hein, Christoph Hillebrand01:21:3005:04:4402:40:3809:10:32