Christmas donation 2019 - Keep cool. We care for those in need.

Many little things can come together to create something big. That´s why we have once again decided not to give Christmas presents this year and instead support various projects close to our heart with generous donations. In particular, the youngest and weakest in society are often unable to help themselves, but are in most urgent need of support to manage their lives independently. This year's Memmert Christmas donation will therefore once again go to organisations implementing social projects intended to support especially the poorest in society.

Opening up future prospects for young people

In large German cities, almost one young person in three is at risk of poverty. However, people in other countries also urgently need additional support. For this reason, we are helping the independent aid project  SOS-Kinderdorf e.V., which has been providing a safe home for children in countries all over the world for over 60 years. In the very poorest regions of the world, the association has implemented programmes to help families in the important areas of nutrition, health and education and to provide sustainable support. Children in distress are given a family and helped to shape their future independently.

In particular, we would like to support the project "Education in Latin America". Throughout the world, 264 million children and young people between six and seventeen years of age have no access to education. This also exposes them to a risk of becoming caught up in crime or drug abuse. However, every child, regardless of origin, has the right to education. The committed actions of SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. offer an alternative and strengthen the resources of needy families to allow them to independently provide the best possible care for their children. To make this possible and ensure children receive the education they need, we are once again this year supporting the SOS-Kinderdorf educational programme.

Standing strong together - Stiftung ambulantes Kinderhospiz (AKM - Outpatient Child Hospice Foundation)

The  AKM foundation cares for and supports terminally ill children and young people from the point of diagnosis and beyond death. One particular focus is providing young patients with the best possible medical and therapeutic care. As this ordeal affects not just the child but his or her family as well, the hospice provides support for all concerned. The family receives assistance with everyday life as well as financial aid and support with official processes.

This year, we are therefore supporting the AMK children's hospice with a family sponsorship. We are helping three needy families to cope better with this difficult situation. The AKM makes an important contribution, from advising on special therapeutic options to coordinating medical consultations and providing psychological support for the whole family.

Doctors without borders know no borders

 Doctors Without Borders is an aid organisation that works in places where people find themselves destitute as a result of conflicts or disasters, where parents can no longer feed their children, natural disasters are wreaking devastation or entire villages are fleeing violence. All over the world, its teams work to save sick and injured people in distress and provide urgently needed food, medicines and general relief. The organisation operates in about 70 countries and is particularly active in areas of conflict and war zones. Every year, around 10 million free treatments are dispensed to people who would otherwise not receive any help. Each patient is treated individually, regardless of religion, culture or political convictions. We are, of course, providing our support once again this year.

Research into horse therapy

Horse therapist Dr. Katharina Alexandrinis conducts research at the "Institute of Movement Therapy and Movement-oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation" at the German Sport University Cologne into the extent to which horse therapy and contact with animals has a positive influence on the healing of mentally ill children and young people. We are happy to support her with this valuable work and hope that it will bring relief to many people.

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