Donation campaign was a great success

Last Sunday, Team Memmert e.V. and Memmert GmbH + Co. KG invited to their factory premises in Büchenbach for a donation run to benefit the children’s athletics clubs in Büchenbach and Roth.

The event emerged from the idea to not only promote top-class sports but also sports for the young generation in the region. After all, the two team leaders Matthias Grosser and Sebastian Reinwand do realise that talents do not become outstanding athletes on their own but that they have to be promoted at an early stage. Since they do not have time themselves because of their own work and sports, they decided without hesitation to support the youngest athletes of the TV 21 Büchenbach and the TSG 08 Roth. Sebastian Reinwand himself has learned his “trade” there in the first few years before he eventually became a top athlete in Regensburg, again under the guidance of Loni Schroll.

After the welcome by Sven Ehrhardt, SPD state parliament candidate and patron of the event, the international top runner Corinna Harrer originally planned to take over the warm-up programme to motivate the participants. However, when she cancelled for personal reasons, all participants showed their understanding. Sebastian Reinwand replaced the colleague from Regensburg without hesitation and ran an initial round with all runners around the production halls of the Schwabach-based family company.

Team Memmert thought of a special challenge so that the run was not only about counting laps. Both sports clubs had to compete in collecting one of 500 bracelets for each completed round, each worth one euro. Büchenbach was surprisingly ahead in the race of the 500 laps and therefore received the lion’s share of the sales revenue from the food stand. After the runners had shown more endurance than expected, the number of rounds was spontaneously increased to 600 so that the proceeds for both clubs were 600 euros in the end.

Of course, food and beverages were also provided for after the run. There were sausages, muffins and beverages and there was also time for a cosy gathering. For the children, all of it was for free and the proceeds from the adults were also donated as a part of the challenge run. Büchenbach received an additional 200 euros and Roth 100 euros. Memmert also provided a bouncing castle for the little ones, with which they all obviously had their fun. Whoever was interested in what happened behind the doors of the production halls was able to follow a group of people for a factory tour. This was also taken up on by many. In addition, there was an information booth by the trainees, who answered all questions about trainee positions and internships at Memmert.

In the end, Memmert managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa together with the Büchenbach mayor Helmut Bauz, handed a 600 euro check to both sports clubs. The two club representatives Elli Müller and Loni Schroll thanked them for their support and the very successful family event.