Excellent! HPP750 and IVF module for INCOmed awarded prizes in China

Our Memmert team in China can look back on a very successful 2015. Outstanding efforts in sales and marketing were acknowledged with two of the most popular awards in the sector.

“New Product Award” at the BCEIA 2015

At the BCEIA 2015, the 16th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis, the constant climate chamber HPP750 was awarded the “New Product Award” in the “Laboratory equipment” category. The energy-efficient climate chamber was able to stand up to the models of well-known manufacturers such as Thermo Fisher Scientific and Shimadzu. The  BCEIA, which was first hosted in 1985, was the first international trade fair in China that focused on the topics of analysis and testing and still ranks among the most important industry events.

“Top high-profile product” on, the leading Chinese web portal for scientific instruments, laboratory equipment and consumables awarded the prize for “Top high-profile Product” to the IVF module for the Memmert CO2 incubator INCOmed in the “Life science” category. Besides Memmert, renowned manufacturers such as Agilent and Analytik Jena were nominated. The relevance of is highlighted by these impressive figures: More than 40,000 companies are registered on the platform, more than 700,000 products are marketed there, almost 2 million laboratory staff access the information regularly and more than 3 million page visitors are recorded each day.