Important information about the interior socket (option R3)

Memmert is now installing a new version of the moisture-proof indoor socket outlet (option R3, protection class IP68) in all compatible devices (IPPeco, HPPeco, ICH/ICHeco, ICP/ICPeco, U, and I). This results in a change in the possible temperature range.

Please note the following information on the new interior socket:

  • All devices with the new interior socket can be temperature controlled up to a maximum of +60 °C.
  • The current carrying capacity is 230 V / 2.2 A.
  • The socket can be switched off using the main switch and cannot be switched on separately.
  • The interior socket complies with the IP68 standard and is moisture-proof.
  • The installation of the new interior socket is only possible in combination with option A8 (temperature reduction to +60 °C, not applicable for ICH/ICHeco, ICP/ICPeco) with a surcharge.

Our product page is updated to reflect this new information.

If you have any questions about the new interior socket option R3, option A8, or your order, feel free to contact us.