Memmert fosterlings say thank you

For many years now, Memmert has been supporting the SOS Kinderdorf project with a Christmas donation. In 2008, 40,000 € went to the SOS vocational training centre in Nuremberg, financing the 3rd year of training for two young men.

In 2009, or first two fosterlings successfully completed their training and the realisation that “money does make you happy after all” is as true today as it was then.

It often pays off to give teenagers who leave school as hopeless cases a second chance, and every cent that is spent to support young people like them is money well invested. With the help of our Christmas donation 2009, three late bloomers have successfully set out on independent and hopefully always happy lives. David Dörnbrack completed his training as a carpenter, Dominik Schallenberger and Akintoye David Akindeinde successfully completed their training as painter and varnisher. We are very pleased for you, David, Dominik and David, and we are certainly moved by your letters. All the best for the future!

Ladies and gentlemen of the company Memmert,

I would like to thank you most warmly for your support in the past year. Because of the additional fourth year of training financed by you, I had the opportunity to successfully complete my training in the woodworking sector with my journeyman's examination to become a carpenter.

Looking at my life so far, I would not have had the opportunity to attain a generally recognised qualification without this support. For me, this means that I am finally able to support myself and my family without the help of social services.

In gratitude and with kind regards,

David Dörnbrack

Ladies and gentlemen of the company Memmert,

we, Dominik Schallenberger and Akintoye David Akindeinde from the painting and varnishing department of the SOS vocational training centre in Nuremberg, would like to thank you for your sponsorship of our third year of training.

Although we were not the best in the final exams for building and object coating, our supervisors, teachers and social worker had faith in us and had chosen us for this project. We have learnt many things in our third year, both in theory and in practice, and have taken the opportunity presented to us. Even though we had to take the oral exam, we have both received the journeyman's certificate as painter and varnisher.

I, Dominik Schallenberger, have already found a job as a painter and varnisher. David is currently visiting his family in his home country of Nigeria and will afterwards also look for a job, which he will certainly find.


Dominik and David