Memmert hosts Egyptian delegation

On Wednesday, July 21st, 2010, an Egyptian delegation stopped over at Memmert on the invitation of Bayern International. Under the motto “Fit for Partnership”, the Bavarian Ministry of Economics has since 2004 been inviting international specialists and managers to Bavaria.

On round trips lasting several days, the programme offers its foreign guests visits to trade fairs, as well as lectures and visits to Bavarian companies whose product range and services are selectively aligned to the guests’ special interests.

After a visit to Siemens in Erlangen, some twenty importers, purchasing managers for medical facilities, senior doctors and directors of clinics arrived at Memmert on the 21st of July to have the product range for medical applications explained to them first hand. The image of Egypt that many people in Western countries have is of sandy beaches, Abu Simbel, cruises on the Nile and of the Pyramids. But apart from its traditional agriculture, modern Egypt now also has highly developed industry, and, at least in the cities, excellently equipped clinics and medical practices.

Of particular interest to guests were the steriliser S, the waterbath with shaking device, the cooling unit for the waterbath and the INCO CO2 incubator. The fields of application for the UFP 800 TS pass-through oven, which is normally used to convey the chamber load between the grey room and the clean room, were also discussed at length.

The members of the delegation were impressed by the production facilities in Büchenbach. It offers impressive evidence of how a company that manufactures in Germany can nevertheless be set up to be extremely competitive on world markets. Especially as, in the case of Memmert, this is combined with a wide range of variations, a high vertical range of manufacture and the highest quality standards.

The general opinion at the end was extremely positive. “Business development that is tailored so precisely to requirements brings real benefits to everyone involved”, commented Heinz Bayer, director of the Technical Service at Memmert, after the meeting.