Memmert Marvel@Learning at the Technikland

Marvel@Learning was the motto at the Nuremberg school museum and museum for industrial culture from September 12, 2013 to February 2, 2014. The educational laboratory at the Technikland had opened its doors to stir the fascination for natural sciences in pupils from 5th to 8th grade. Memmert had provided a vacuum chamber for experiments in the construction and power department.

Natural science to touch instead of boring theory Physics and maths are boring for most pupils since practical application is often lacking in class.

Physics and technology to touch and see

The project "Technikland", which was initiated by the Nuremberg school museum, the Förderkreis Ingenieurstudium e.V. and the museum for industrial culture showed how physics and technology can become a fascinating experience even for children. For five months, it was open for school classes and on the weekends for families and the outcome in the end was very positive.

There were 25 stations, where children could experience the basic principles of technology and natural science in the fields of construction and power, energy, light and colours, robotics and computers as well as bionics. Renowned companies such as Siemens or Deutsche Telekom supported Technikland with exhibits, which the children could test and experiment on. Memmert was also present with a vacuum chamber in the construction and power department.

Entertaining experiments in the Memmert vacuum chamber

Why did the Magdeburg hemispheres stick together so tightly that two harnessed horse teams did not have enough power to separate them? Of course, because of the atmospherical pressure which worked from the outside. With the help of two evacuated acrylic glass plates, the visitors could understand the famous experiment by Otto von Guericke.

Having gained this knowledge, most of the children then easily understood the entertaining experiments which were shown by students of the Friedrich-Alexander University in the nearby Memmert vacuum chamber. Why does an air-filled balloon inflate until it bursts? Why does the air-filled foam mass of a chocolate marshmallow make it grow enormously? Why does water in a vacuum boil faster? And why does water magically flow through a plastic straw in a glass standing next to it?

Maybe the Memmert vacuum chamber was one of the main attractions at Technikland because there was so much to see and laugh about. Of course, the children were also happy that they could eat the chocolate marshmallow after the test was finished. Most of the children then knew the right answer to the question as to why they could not sit in the vacuum chamber under any circumstances to eat the sweets right where they were. People can simply not survive in an airless room (vacuum) because of the pressure and the fact that there is no air to breathe.

By the way, it is also worthwhile for adults to visit to the museum for industrial culture.