Memmert meets Heidolph

We are often asked whether shakers that are continuously operated in climate chambers are influencing the temperature.

 Heidolph has tested several shakers in Memmert climate chambers under real conditions. These tests demonstrate: Even if several powerful shakers are operated synchronously inside a climate chamber, the temperature rises only slightly. A Memmert climate chamber can be combined with Heidolph shakers to make up a powerful incubator system. The temperature deviations measured in the medium are inside the tolerances.

Devices under test:

In order to obtain representative results, two devices of different dimensions were used in the test (Memmert HPP260 and Memmert HPP410 in combination with Unimax 1010; only marginal deviations to other sizes).

Test parameters

The temperature was measured in the medium. Determination of the measured values by Heidolph.

1-l Erlenmeyer flask800 ml water
Runtime>48 h
Shaking frequency80 rpm
Target temperature heating chamber37°C
Humidity controloff