Memmert oven for the fire brigade

Why does the fire brigade have a Memmert drying oven? Ralf Achtnicht, head of development at Memmert and volunteer fireman in Schwabach, made a great effort so that his colleagues would be equipped with one of our appliances.

Usually, Memmert appliances are used in test laboratories, but the Memmert drying oven UF750 also finds use at the fire brigade. The use here is “drying masks”.
After each fire brigade operation that requires respirator masks, those masks have to be dried.  If the masks were simply placed onto a shelf and dried by air, it could take days. For this reason, the statutory accident insurance recommends a drying oven for the cleaning of the masks. The masks are placed in the oven for approximately 4 hours at temperatures of 45°C to 60°C and they are ready-to-use again. 

Memmert meets fire brigade

Some of our colleagues do not only know the advantages of a Memmert oven because of their job at Memmert as manufacturer, but also because they are users wearing respiratory masks for their voluntary job at a fire brigade in the region. That is why head of development Ralf Achtnicht made a great effort in order to give his colleagues at the volunteer fire brigade in Schwabach a new oven since their old UL50 oven from 1986 has served its time after 27 years.  His colleagues Holger Heller, commander at the volunteer fire brigade in Schwabach, and Marco Engelhardt, head of the respiratory protection workshop, accepted the friendly offer and were happy about the new equipment.