Memmert Participation in pilot project

Secondary modern schools are called “Realschulen” in Bavaria for good reason, since their connection to reality (the world of labour) is an absolute priority in education, along with theory. The wide variety of modern options for professional training makes it difficult to decide on an occupation nowadays, which is why, for Memmert, it is a matter of course to support its local secondary modern school in a unique pilot project. Over the period of one year, students from the 8th grade can spend a total of four weeks gaining insight into all of the company departments.

Once a year, the secondary modern school Realschule Schwabach hosts a company presentation event. Renowned Schwabach companies such as Memmert are involved, but also the city council, hospital and kindergarten show students what products or services they offer and what apprenticeships and internships are available for them to apply for.

Then, things are getting serious. With the guidance of their teachers, students in the 8th grade write professional applications for the special work experience programme, initiated by the Association of Friends and Supporters of the Realschule Schwabach. Memmert then selects three of them for a trial internship in the administration, electrical engineering and construction departments. If they want to, students can of course gain insight into other departments as well. The work experience programme of at least four weeks, takes place only during school holidays. Sandra Meßthaler, in charge of the work experience scheme at Memmert, is full of praise for the participants so far: “All of the students applied for an internship voluntarily and are full of enthusiasm, highly motivated and focused.” The great dedication shown by these young people is appropriately rewarded, of course. In a festive closing event, they receive a certificate confirming their participation, which of course makes a good impression when applying for a job in the future.