Memmert Peltier appliances with excellent performance

The new Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco and the cooled incubator IPPeco operate with a hitherto unrivalled efficiency. In terms of energy consumption, they leave both compressor-cooled appliances and appliances with previous Peltier technology far behind. With a maximum interior volume of 2140 litres, the new products are also suitable for use in large laboratories.

Significantly reduced energy consumption with Peltier elements

With the introduction of the Peltier-cooled incubator IPP in 2000, Memmert was the first manufacturer worldwide to prove that energy-saving Peltier technology can also be used for heating and cooling powerful temperature control appliances. Now the southern German laboratory appliance manufacturer has given its two Peltier flagships an extensive facelift. Thanks to perfectly coordinated systems, the  constant climate chamber HPPeco and the cooled incubator IPPeco achieve new top values in energy efficiency. "With this, we have finally put the subject of low efficiency of Peltier elements to rest," explains Philipp Schwarm, Managing Director and Head of R&D at Memmert. Internal measurements show that the energy consumption of both new Peltier appliances remains far below that of standard appliances on the market at every climate point according to ICH-Guideline Q1A and at every set temperature.

Homogeneous, constant and reproducible

The fine-tuning of design and control also optimised the reliability of the two Peltier devices. The extremely homogeneous and stable temperature distribution guarantees
reproducible results over a long period of time. In addition, the IPPeco cooled incubator contributes to a more efficient daily laboratory routine with extremely short times for recovery after door opening, as well as heating and cooling.

Press releases
Press release | Memmert presents Advanced Peltier Technology-

Memmert presents Advanced Peltier Technology in the constant climate chambers HPPeco and Peltier-cooled incubators IPPeco

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