Memmert Prepares For Virtual ACHEMA Pulse 2021 - Ready To Present Its Heavy Hitters

The year’s live event for the ACHEMA community is the ACHEMA Pulse 2021. Although held every third year at an actual venue with attendees, due to pandemic restrictions, Memmert, and other industry members, will be hosting their exhibitions online at this year’s virtual ACHEMA Pulse 2021.

The event is key to establishing close contact with customers, distributors, answer queries, give live demonstrations of product use, application information, ideas exchange for positive feedback and, primarily, also to introduce latest technologies and products.

For this year, Memmert will be live on the platform for the month of June 2021, that includes two days of live chat, video call, a pitch presentation from Memmert and two workshops, to name a few.
The live sessions take place on June 15th and 16th where platform visitors can freely engage in conversation through chat and video call function. The products shown on these sessions will help inform and existing customers.

There are three keys to the success of  ACHEMA Pulse 2021, which are Memmert’s panel, pitch and workshop, as recognized by the company. Firstly, on the 15th, there is a exhibitor panel on the Advanced Peltier Technology which is synonymous with the company’s success in ecological impact, energy efficiency and cost benefit. It is to be followed up with its live workshop on the much inquired and curious topic of the difference between Peltier and Compressor technology in the use of laboratory use.

Secondly, on the 16th, the team will present the second broadcast of the workshop as well as pitch its new generation of the class-leading waterbath, WTB. Those already familiar with the company will be able to inquire further about its product range: constant climate chamber HPPeco, Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco, waterbath WTB, CO2 incubator ICO, Vacuum oven VO and Universal oven U.