Monika Reichelt honoured for 25 years

For more than a quarter of a century, Monika Reichelt has been giving a good account of herself in the order processing department. She has patiently experienced technological transformation, organisational modifications and two changes in generation of the Memmert product range, and has now been honoured by the head of the technical sales department, Heinz Bayer, for 25 years of work and loyalty.

First and foremost, at the small party in the sales department, thanks were expressed for Monika Reichelt’s many years of loyalty to Memmert and her untiring commitment. 25 years is a long time, particularly in this fast-moving world, in which many things have changed in the past two decades, in technological terms as well. And so in his speech Heinz Bayer took a look back to a time without email and internet and thanked Monika for accepting every innovation in IT, with all the challenges associated with this, and always learning to cope with the new changes. When Monika Reichelt started on 1st November 1987 at Memmert in the order processing department, Germany, telexes were sent rather than faxes, and orders were prepared on the typewriter using carbon copies.

Today, of course, Monika Reichelt uses a modern ERP system. From order processing down to billing, she conscientiously accompanies every order through production and tries to make change requests possible, even when the production of the ordered appliance is at a very advanced stage.

A passionate dog-lover, she spends much of her leisure time working with dogs and is involved in various dog associations and clubs. Since she was 19, she has had five Yorkshire terriers in succession, but she is currently enjoying life with her husband for the first time without a dog, which makes her somewhat more independent.

Monika Reichelt has experienced two changes of generation in the Memmert product range, with all their attendant symptoms. Due to having been in the company for many years, she knows the procedures at Memmert by heart, of course, and her experience makes her an important point of contact for many younger colleagues. The management and all her colleagues at Memmert wish Monika Reichelt continued vitality and a zest for life, and are looking forward to many more years together.