Mourning the loss of Grete Memmert Riefler

Grete Memmert Riefler passed away on May 13, 2013, at the age of 74 years. The daughter of company founder Willi Memmert shaped the successful growth of the company together with her husband Peter Riefler. Over a longer period, she led production and development of the company as managing director and trained production engineer.

She never attributed the fact that Memmert became world market leader for laboratory equipment to herself, but always saw it as a result of the entire team. Surely, the expansion of the production facility in Büchenbach was a large contributor to this success. Under the leadership of Grete Memmert Riefler, the largest sheet metal processing centre in the south of Germany was built there amongst other things. 

Both employees and customers appreciated Grete Memmert Riefler for her expertise, her long-term experience and sense of responsibility. Aside from her great commitment to the company, she was a caring and loving mother and grandmother to two daughters and six grandchildren. She always had an open ear for whoever asked for her help when in need.

She will always be a great role model to us in her great social commitment.

In grateful memory
Memmert management and employees