Ready - get packed - go!

Hundreds of packages are sent across the world every day from our production facilities by road, sea, rail or air. To make our shipping department fi t for the challenges of the future, we began restructuring it in summer 2009. We will be getting our appliances ready for dispatch more ergonomically our appliances ready for dispatch more ergonomically and, above all, more quickly. Various package sizes can now be processed in parallel on three packaging stations.

Our  project, “value-stream-optimised production”, with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation in Stuttgart (Germany) has completed its first phase.

A special focus was placed on creating optimal working conditions for employees. Lifting heavy loads manually can be avoided with trolleys and lifting equipment, different working heights at the packing places ease the strain on employees’ backs, the packaging material is always ready to hand, and even the old neon tubes were replaced with energy-saving lamps simulating daylight.

We are particularly proud of our new packing concept based on corrugated cardboard, which will replace wooden packaging as far as possible. With 1,400 square metres, our dispatch department has almost doubled in size.

High shelves can accommodate up to 2,000 ovens, which can be loaded as required into containers or as individual freight, as well as packaging material, service parts and spare parts.