Site expansion "When one builds a home, one usually intends to stay"

The Memmert Family had a cheerful, motley celebration on the factory premises in Büchenbach on 29 September 2016. Customers, politicians and representatives of the building contractors involved attended the official inauguration of the newly erected production hall and office wing. Of course, all Memmert employees and their families were invited as well.

During the day, the customers had the opportunity to learn about the advantages of the expansion in detail. The main reason for the construction of the new production hall right next to the old one was, as usual, to have more space for growth. The enlarged sheet metal processing plant, with its sheet metal storage system and additional punching and bending stations, is the largest section in the new building. The ultramodern logistics centre that is also housed in the new hall will prospectively help improve the use of the available area by 40 %.

The helicopter flights over the Memmert facilities and the town of Büchenbach surely was a very special highlight that was extremely well received by both the customers and the children of the employees alike. Early in the evening the employees and all invited guests then gathered for the celebration. The younger guests entertained themselves with a bouncy castle, rodeo, darts, table football and a photo booth for goofy pictures. A grill buffet set up by the cook Ulrich Riedel, who has traditionally catered the company, and the ice cream parlour De Rocco from Schwabach treated the guests to a delicious feast.

Riefler-Karpa: When one builds a home, one usually intends to stay

The company founder Willi Memmert would probably have been very happy with the expansion of the production facilities, as he had greater things in mind from the very start and had ensured that there would be enough resources for new buildings later on. Managing Director Christiane Riefler-Karpa therefore briefly outlined Memmert's building history, starting with the first building in Büchenbach in 1973 and continuing with the construction of an additional hall with a total area of 14,000 m2, finishing with the projects in 1983. Especially the line "when one builds a home, one usually intends to stay" must have been music to the ears of both District Administrator Eckstein and Major Helmut Bauz, as it clearly expressed Memmert's commitment to Büchenbach and the region.

Showing gratitude to the involved contractors

Technical Manager Matthias Grosser took on the task of thanking the architects Karin Brüggemann and Benjamin Novotný, the involved contractors and the employees in Büchenbach in particular, with special mentions to Christina Gretschmann, Peter Braun, and Mark Molter for their support and good work. He also explained how the new areas of the premises would be used. An additional 4,200 m2 are immediately available to the new hall. While presenting the new office wing with its modern work stations and social areas as well as the new football field and basketball court, Matthias Grosser emphasized that, as it can always be expected from Memmert, the employees' well-being was an important factor for the expansion plans.

Appreciating loyalty and commitment

In his welcoming speech, District Administrator Herbert Eckstein expressed his gratitude for the company's loyalty to Büchenbach as a business location and its commitment to promoting sports and the triathlon in the region. He would like to see more companies like Memmert that unpretentiously work their way to great success and then give back to the community. Major Bauz added that the community is very proud to be able to call itself the home of such an important industrial undertaking and explained how Memmert has contributed to Büchenbach.

Memmert is worth its weight in gold

Hanno Dietrich, head of the craft guild section Middle Franconia-South and professional master painter, represented the involved contractors and gave a speech expressing his commitment to the company. Both companies have cooperated closely ever since the times of Grete Memmert Riefler and Peter Riefler. Being a professional master painter from Schwabach, the home of beaten gold, he naturally found an unforgettable way of showing what makes Memmert so famous and successful all over the world that literally makes it worth its weight in gold. He presented the company with a picture of a gilded interior of a Memmert appliance as inauguration gift. Other speakers included Clement Mu, General Manager Memmert Shanghai, who thanked the company for the excellent cooperation and affirmed to look forward to new challenges and successes, as well as Jutta Hocheder, who represented the retired employees. She said how good it was for the former employees to see how Memmert has continued to grow and wished the company all the best on behalf of all retired Memmert employees.