Sunny days of Memmert sports events

Summer 2022 was perfect for sports. Loud, cheering spectators in a lively atmosphere and good, sunny weather made up the perfect day. Of course, in this special summer of sports, Memmert was once again part of several sports events in the area – both as sponsor and contestant with athletes representing the Memmert Family.

Memmert Rothsee Triathlon 2022

“Next year, we look forward to having live crowds back at the Rothsee triathlon” was the concluding line in our last year’s report on the Memmert Rothsee triathlon. What we had strongly wished for has actually come true. Memmert was back as the main sponsor and was represented with a large booth at the traditional triathlon. Since spectators were allowed again, the triathlon was an event close to our heart, not only for us as sponsors and supporters, but for the participating athletes as well. To celebrate this occasion, the Memmert booth offered fun activities for all ages on June 18-19. These consisted of a bouncy castle, the "Hot Wire" and lounge chairs to curl up in and get a little shade from the hot summer sun. There was a lot to do. But visitors, our hard-working crew and athletes braved the summer heat. The event was well attended and created a fun atmosphere. The athletes were greatly supported by the audience and from our booth.  

Three candidates from the Memmert Family competed on the day. Matthias Grosser (start number 11) as individual starter. In the relay, there was Hannes Rupprecht and Peter Krieger with start number 1068. Matthias Grosser achieved an impressive 20th place with 2:13:33 h over 1500 m swimming, 42 km cycling and 10 km running. Our Memmert Team achieved the equally impressive 19th place over the same distance with 3:03:30 h.

Memmert trainees on our booth at Rothsee
Memmert trainees on our booth at Rothsee
Memmert employees with sponsors

DATEV Challenge Roth

This year’s event was a particularly special one for three reasons. Firstly, the world’s largest long distant triathlon celebrated its 20th anniversary and spectators were allowed without restriction. The latter was undoubtedly the biggest birthday gift of all for the return to normalcy. Lastly, it is Memmert’s participation as a sponsor and active supporter. As tradition by now, on the 20th anniversary, there was the famous Memmert Mile which was passed by the athletes a total of two times giving supporters two opportunities to cheer and motivate on their journey (3,8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, 42,2 km running). Our booth had tons to offer: electric cars on display, deck chairs, a tombola and our famous “Hot Wire” assured fun for our visitors. Furthermore, the name “Hot Wire” suited the weather quite well as July 3 marked the hottest day in 2022 in Roth.

Memmert competed with two relay teams: Mark Fischer, Peter Schauer and Philip Pasch in team "Memmert 1" (start number 4088). Relay team "Memmert 2” consisted of Peter Krieger, Ralf Achtnicht and Dominik Ritter (start number 4089). Memmert 2 achieved the impressive place of 187, Memmert 1 made it to 198. Matthias Grosser, who already took part at the Rothsee Triathlon, joined the DATEV Challenge as an individual athlete yet again (start number 48) and crossed the finish line as the 311th runner under 10 hours. We are proud of our team!

We would like to thank the 7500 hard-working event crew members, thousands of triathletes and spectators who faced the summer heat for an enjoyable and memorable day of sports.

One of our relay teams
Our Memmert relay team "Memmert 1"
Memmert logo and booth
Memmert employees with our logo

Landkreislauf Roth

The popular run took place for the 37th time this year with cheering visitors. As per tradition, the starting signal for the first stage in Wendelstein was at 7:00 a.m., the athletes then run across the entire district. The Memmert company competed with 26 runners on the race, which they completed impressively despite the persistent heat. They were even able to take home a few trophies. We are immensely proud of our team.  Here you can find the results.

1, 2, 3, GO!
Ready, steady, GO!

More to come

There will also be a number of sporting events in the Nuremberg metropolitan region in autumn. On October 9th, you can run in various categories as part of the 29th City Run on Schwabach's "Golden Miles" - from the Memmert Bambini run (500 m) to the half marathon or the Goldschläger March (each 21.1 km). On November 5th, the TV 21 Büchenbach is organizing the 88th forest run and on November 12th, all arts and running fans will be able to enjoy themselves at the Rednitzhembacher Kunstweglauf. Secure a  starting place in the Schwabacher city run until October 2nd and visit us at our booth.