Team Memmert on tour Challenge Kraichgau

The triathlon season has started, one event follows the other, and last Sunday, June 9, our Team Memmert took part in the Challenge Kraichgau. At this event in the north west of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the athletes participated as individual starters and in a relay team over the half distance, cheered on by a total of 45,000 enthusiastic spectators.

The competition takes place in the “land of the 1000 hills”, which makes Stephan Gersching’s comment hardly surprising: “It was definitely a great race, as always in Kraichgau… if it wasn't for those damn hills that stress me (as a "heavy" starter) out so much when cycling and running.” He was nonetheless completely satisfied with his overall time of 4:38h and glad about finishing 7th place in his age group. Congratulations Stephan, way to go!

We would also like to congratulate Marco Eckstein for his excellent result. After 4 hours and 50 minutes, he finished 117th place in the Challenge Kraichgau. With a total of 3,880 starters, that’s a remarkable achievement. He thanks everyone who watched his race online and cheered him on vociferously along the course. With the right support, swimming, cycling and running is a lot easier after all. It was our pleasure, Marco.

For Kevin Löhlein, it was the very first triathlon ever. He finished the competition after 5 hours and 40 minutes and was so happy with the result that he will certainly take part in some other events this season. His performance in the disciplines of swimming and cycling was superior. Although the latter wasn’t all that easy due to the course being wet from the rain. Only when it came to running, he had some trouble with nutrition. Kevin, we will keep our fingers crossed that you will fare better in this respect next time.

As you know, girl power is not foreign to us – Christiane Karpa (1.9km swimming), our “Iron Lady”, spontaneously decided to form a relay team with Gabi Weiss (21.1km running). To make the trio complete, they were joined by all-round athlete Matthias Grosser, who took the 90km cycling course - as the “token man”, so to say. Together with his girls, he achieved a respectable 14th place in the total team ranking. 

 ResultsTime overall
 Stephan Gersching 04:38:42
 Marco Eckstein 04:50:06
 Kevin Löhlein 05:40:14
 Alexander Baumstark 05:05:30
Christiane Karpa | Gabi Weiss | Matthias Grosser