The Memmert HPP family keeps growing

The HPP model family now encompasses six different sizes. With a chamber volume of 384 or 1060 litres, the constant climate chambers HPP400 and HPP1060 complement our range of innovative and environmentally-friendly climate chambers.

When Memmert introduced the constant climate chamber HPP with active humidity control in addition to the Peltier-cooled incubator IPP in 2008, the general public only knew Peltier elements are used to cool electronic components and car cooling boxes, if they had heard of them at all. As its efficiency is rather low in most applications, the thermoelectric effect was not really a poster child for energy efficiency back then.

For years, Memmert was the only manufacturer that offered a powerful, energy-efficient large-volume Peltier appliance as a series product. All HPP appliances are heated and cooled in a single system and operate without energy-intensive cooling compressors and conventional heating. The two XXL devices HPP1400 – with a chamber volume of 1360 litres and introduced in August 2016 – and the new HPP1060, which is available as of now, redefine the limits of technical feasibility.

Stable and uniform temperature distribution

Sensitive temperature control and quiet, smooth-running operation make the large-volume Memmert constant climate chambers HPP perfect for testing the stability of larger batches in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry. Thanks to the HeatBALANCE function, the temperature and humidity in the entire interior stay stable and are uniformly distributed even when fully loaded. Upon the customer's request, we use AtmoCONTROL to log the appliance parameters in compliance with the FDA. IQ and OQ documentation is also available on request.

For the model sizes 110 to 750, Memmert offers optional light modules for germination, plant cultivation or insect breeding in artificial daylight under a constant climate. Alternatively, you can choose cold white light with a temperature of 6,500 Kelvin, warm white light (2,700 Kelvin) or a combination of cold and warm white light, dimmable in steps of 1 %.

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