VO vacuum oven fully customised

The new standard model of the Memmert VO vacuum oven excels with lean perfection, but top precision. With freely selectable options it can be customised for a wide variety of requirements in applications such as curing, storing, conditioning, degassing or ageing.



Customising the Memmert vacuum oven to your own requirements

From February 2011, Memmert is offering an attractively priced standard model of the VO vacuum oven transforming it into an ideal customised appliance with freely selectable options.

Even in its standard version, the VO vacuum oven provides unbeatable precision and speed! Digital pressure control for programming vacuum cycles, as well as directly heated thermoshelves, guarantee maximum time savings in the standard version, even for complex drying processes.

Premium accessories in the Premium module

For elaborate applications, Memmert has combined a whole range of individually selectable accessories in a Premium module. Depending on the model size it maximally consists of:

  • Optional switching to inert gas: Programmable and digitally controlled inlet for inert gas with a flow rate reduction
  • Optional pump control: Optimised rinsing procedures for pump membranes as needed, as well as signal output for pumps ON/OFF
  • Two additional connections for thermoshelves
  • One additional thermoshelf
  • One printer port
  • One drip tray 

The Celsius software for programming and documentation, one thermoshelf, two connections for thermoshelves, a USB interface and the MEMoryCard to programme and save temperature profiles are of course included in the standard model.