For a good cause Grilling sausages for Rwanda

For the second time already, our boys were busy grilling sausages next to the marathon course of the Challenge Roth for the numerous spectators, and for a good course, too. The proceeds of 1,000 Euros were donated to Dr. Jahn’s foundation for children‘s aid in Rwanda this year. There are many characteristics Memmert, Dr. Jahn and Birgit Kebbel, who made the project known to us, have in common: ready to help, committed, cosmopolitan and still with strong ties to where we come from.

Rwanda is a small, poor country in the centre of Africa, just south of the equator. With 8 million people, it is overpopulated. The country is full of hills, which makes farming – mostly done without machinery – quite difficult. The future doesn’t look bright, so it is all the more important that children get a proper education and then start training on the job or go to university. Genocide in 1994, which made so many people perpetrators, has traumatised and alienated a whole nation.

Birgit Kebbel from Eckersmühlen has been committing herself to social projects in Rwanda for years. On one of her journeys, she got to know Dr. Alfred Jahn and his charges in one of his five orphanages for boys. Convinced of his work there and as a practicing paediatric surgeon in the central hospital of Kigali, she decided to support him. Dr. Alfred Jahn is 76 years old and a retired surgeon from Landshut in Lower Bavaria, whose motivation to help, in his own words, cannot be clearly defined, he does not even think about it. Maybe it’s his upbringing or maybe the life he lived. He experienced first-hand what war does to people, first at the age of 8 in Nordhausen, Germany, and then again at 30, in Vietnam. He has been living in Rwanda for 11 years now and does what he does best: Being a passionate doctor as well as some kind of surrogate father to his protégés.

And then there‘s Memmert. The football team from the SV Abenberg, whom we equipped with a set of jerseys last year, were practically serial grillers with their barbecue at the Challenge Roth triathlon event. As in the previous year, they sold sausages for a good cause. They, too, are happy to help others.

Thanks to Birgit Kebbel and Dr. Alfred Jahn, we can be sure our donation goes where it is needed most and contributes a little to giving the children and youth in Rwanda a perspective.


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