Friendly match against Mangelberger

With a humorous challenge, our business partner Mangelberger threw down the sports gauntlet to our football team. However, it's just like German football idol Adi Preißler from Dortmund said: “All theory is grey –results can only be found on the field”.

The Memmert team as grazing cows, with the ball rolling through their feet? With this image on a set of football shirts, Jürgen Mangelberger, CEO of our business partner for electronics, challenged us to a friendly match. He was surely aware that this would turn the Memmert football team into raging bulls - just to keep the bovine image.

The challenge was eagerly accepted, of course not without informing our opponents of their upcoming defeat. Thus, we met on October 7th on the football field in Georgensgmünd in cold and rainy weather. Mangelberger reinforced their team with players from their partner company Riedel & Menzel and even provided the referee. In the end, all this did not help them.

The Memmert team dominated their opponents, only missed one chance and won with ease, with 6:1. Of course, it was a matter of honour that the losing team invited the winners to dinner after the match.

Congratulations, guys. You gave the right answer on the field! We are already looking forward to the rematch!