Huge success for Matthias Grosser in Split

In Croatia, at TriStar 111 in Split in Croatia, Matthias Grosser won with a huge lead in his age group (M25) and finished 6th in the overall ranking.

On September 18th, 2011, Memmert triathlon ace Matthias Grosser took part in his first TriStar 111 in Split and delivered a top performance, finishing 6th in the overall ranking. The TriStar distance of 111 kilometres is a mixture of Olympic triathlon and medium distance, as athletes have to swim 1 km, cycle 100 km and run 10 km.

The competition took place under summer like conditions: 35 °C and wind speeds between 3 and 4. Split, the Croatian jewel at the Adriatic Sea, showed its most beautiful face under a blue sky. After the swimming course in the harbour of Split, athletes had to overcome an altitude of 1600 m on the cycle course through the Croatian surroundings. The heat was overwhelming, so Matthias had to mobilise all his strength on the final running course, which could not be compared with a tartan track at all. Stairs, winding roads and a total altitude of 500 m had to be conquered before the athletes could see the finishing line in the historical city centre.

With a stunning time of 04:10:04h (00:19:29h; 03:22:47h; 00:46:26h), Matthias Grosser crossed the finishing line only 20 minutes and 13 seconds behind winner Andreas Fuchs, triathlon professional and multiple Austrian champion. Places 2 to 5 were also held by four professionals. We owe you our deepest respect, Matthias. Congratulations!