Thank you! We would like to thank all of our visitors to the analytica 2010 in Munich. Once again, you have turned this trade fair into a multilingual place of encounter and exchange. The main topics were the further development of Memmert appliances with Peltier technology and modern communication between manufacturers and distributors.

International Labmate announces the introduction of an optional module for digital oxygen regulation in the INCO CO2 incubator INCO at the analytica 2010 in Munich. In English.

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In short summaries, the LABO announces the Memmert trade fair product launches at the analytica 2010 in Munich: The IPS temperature control storage chamber for storing samples at constant temperatures, the digital oxygen control for the INCO CO2 incubator, the ICP cooled incubator with a subzero range, as well as the IPP Peltier-cooled incubator in a new size. In German.


In its pre-trade fair edition for the analytica 2010, Laborpraxis magazine reported on the new member of the Memmert product family based on Peltier technology: The IPS temperature control storage chamber is ideally suited for storing samples at constant temperatures. In German.

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The Argentinean trade magazine for ceramics, the organ of the Argentine Ceramic Society, reported on possible applications of Peltier technology in the ceramics industry. In Spanish.

PDF - 03/2010 Article Cerámica y Cristal 184kB

In the second edition of the year 2010, electronic fab from the Beam publishing house described the advantages of turbo-drying in the vacuum drying oven for the electronics industry, as well as the two Memmert appliances for controlled environmental tests, TTC and CTC. In German.

PDF - 03/2010 Article electronic fab 5.3MB

Our two fosterlings from the SOS vocational training centre Nuremberg have passed their final examination. We warmly congratulate them!

Storing samples with the new storage chamber IPS, cooled incubator IPP with 749 litres chamber volume, cooled incubator ICP 600 to 800 from -12 °C and CO2 incubator INCO with optional oxygen control.

There are millions of people worldwide who use temperature control appliances. And there are countless applications for temperature control, ageing, drying, incubating, storing, cooling or conditioning samples. From now on, we have our own platform on the Internet for all these topics. We will present interesting case studies, highlight subjects of environmental protection and...

In its pre-trade fair edition, the trade magazine for laboratory technology and life sciences announces the presentation of the optional O2 module for digital oxygen control in the Memmert INCO CO2 incubator at the analytica 2010 in Munich. In German.

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