Memmert is pleased to announce that three renowned experts in temperature control technology have recently joined us to represent the Memmert brand in important key markets. Amanda Zani and Roberto Mufarrej will support our Brazilian dealers in consulting and in building and maintaining customer relationships. Tony Withers, an ardent Memmert-fan will carry out the same tasks in...

Children are our future. Looking through the eyes of a child, we may recollect values like gratitude, humbleness and love. What is really important in life... For this reason, Memmert has divided this year's traditional Christmas donation among five aid organisations that look after the well-being of the youngest.

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More capacity, much faster, more efficient – the new addition to the Memmert portfolio of constant climate chambers with Peltier technology. The HPP1400 with 1400 litres volume is ideally suited for stability tests of large samples and batches in pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industry.

The Memmert Family had a cheerful, motley celebration on the factory premises in Büchenbach on 29 September 2016. Customers, politicians and representatives of the building contractors involved attended the official inauguration of the newly erected production hall and office wing. Of course, all Memmert employees and their families were invited as well.

In its August issue German business journal  AKTIV in Bayern reported on Memmert thermostatic appliances and especially climate chambers.

If a manufacturer of car tyres wants to do quality testings, he could travel successively into the african desert, the asian tropics or the Antarctic. However he can put his samples into a Memmert climate chamber as well. Memmert climate...

Tennis players have their Wimbledon, triathletes Roth. For 15 years now, the world's largest and most popular race with athletes and fans alike, is the Challenge Roth. For Memmertian sport and triathlon fans it is a red-letter day, as important as family birthdays and Christmas.

Not only the Memmert family was looking forward to the Rothsee Triathlon with growing excitement. Over 2000 like-minded athletes and spectators gathered in the festival areal for two days of summer, sun and sunshine to enjoy the varied triathlon programme that weekend.

The Night of Apprenticeships took place in Roth for the third time in a row on 17 June 2016. More than 200 interested attendees made their way to the Memmert site in Büchenbach by car or shuttle bus. This year our guests Gentner also presented their apprenticeships in the Memmert canteen for the first time.

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