They both worked at Memmert for 48 years. The fact that Salvatore and Gabi Giurdanella are going into retirement now is unimaginable for many fellow Memmert employees. This was obvious at the farewell party from the high praise given to them both by the factory management in Büchenbach and the commercial and technical management.

For different reasons, Memmert has to undergo a recertification process every three years in accordance with the worldwide strictest quality management system for medical devices DIN EN ISO 13485. The most important reason is clear: highest possible safety for our clients.

Our Memmert team in China can look back on a very successful 2015. Outstanding efforts in sales and marketing were acknowledged with two of the most popular awards in the sector.

Under the motto "Safety at all times", Memmert introduces the new CO2 incubator ICO at the analytica 2016 trade show. The appliance is available in four sizes and is equipped with diverse functions to guarantee safety and easy operation.

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This year it was an especially difficult task for managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa to decide which of SOS Children's Villages’ projects should be supported by the traditional Christmas donation. In many parts of the world, children especially suffer too much.

This year, Memmert will not send out Christmas presents and cards. The money for this will instead be donated to the Oxfam refugee support. Please see below how you can help to reduce the suffering of refugees - even with small donations.

Peltier for maximum energy efficiency, precision and durability! In autumn 2015, Memmert puts its considerable product range of Peltier appliances in the focus of a green campaign. Incubation, conditioning, storing or low temperature drying – far-sighted and cost-conscious laboratories can find a suitable Memmert Peltier appliance for a number of different uses.

The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) gave Memmert the approval to patent a frame that is used for cultivating cell cultures in a CO2 incubator. The Memmert IVF module, an incubation unit with separate slide units, minimises the recovery times for CO2 content and humidity after opening the door.

The city of San Francisco isn’t called “City of Champions” for nothing. The US West Coast metropolis with 800,000 citizens that is the home to the Baseball Giants and the American Football 49ers currently holds the two most meaningful championship titles in US sports. The world champions of the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge Series, with races held in 13 countries,...