For many years now at Christmas time, a generous Memmert donation has been sent to the SOS-Kinderdorf (SOS Children’s Village). Last Christmas, managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa had made available the sum of 40,000 € for the construction of an SOS Children’s Village in Ethiopia. The buildings of the SOS Children’s Village in Addis Ababa, opened in 1981, have been...

Christmas is the time for donations. For many years, it has been a tradition at Memmert in the Christmas season to think about those who are not living in prosperity or who even fell victim to devastating disasters. Millions of children in Africa do not have enough to eat and even in comparatively rich Germany, many underprivileged young people need our help. Shortly before...

As we know, small causes may have large effects. It all started in 2004, when a part of the ceiling plaster in the old St. Willibald’s church in Büchenbach fell off. What at first seemed to be done with some minor repairs turned into a major church restoration. The evangelical church community was not able to pay the repairs with own financial resources and was therefore...

For many years now, Memmert has been supporting the SOS Kinderdorf project with a Christmas donation. In 2008, 40,000 € went to the SOS vocational training centre in Nuremberg, financing the 3rd year of training for two young men.

The 16.000 € that Memmert had donated for the Pakistan flood victims have reached the devastated people there without deductions or detours. One of our distributors for Pakistan, Rays Technologies, who had received one half of this amount, had added another 4.500 € himself.

To support the flood victims, Memmert donates 8000 € each to two distributors in Pakistan. We would kindly ask you to make a contribution as well to provide relief for the suffering people there.

All children should have equal opportunities to receive an education, irrespective of the income of their parents. This is why it is taken for granted in many countries that attending school and school books should be free of charge. The German Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg has even written this into its constitution.

“Despite massive international help after the earthquake in January 2010, more than 800,000 children in emergency camps in Haiti remain extremely vulnerable, according to estimates by UNICEF. They are highly threatened by disease, malnutrition, lack of schooling, as well as violence and abuse“, writes Unicef in a press release dated 12th July 2010.

The equipment in an intensive care unit in an industrial country and a clinic in Africa are often worlds apart. Sometimes, the most essential things are missing there, and no state-of-the-art technology or trained specialists for operating and maintaining equipment are available. Fortunately, there are people like Peter Sommer.

Our two fosterlings from the SOS vocational training centre Nuremberg have passed their final examination. We warmly congratulate them!