Pourquoi Memmert?

Corporate responsibility

In 2009, the Memmert management and employees commonly agreed on six values that are to determine our conduct and how we treat each other in order to achieve sustainable corporate growth in the future. Another value that is just as important at Memmert is the responsibility towards employees, clients, society and the environment. That said, values have to be applied as well, otherwise they just remain a piece of colourful paper with no effect.

In the family company Memmert, which is firmly established in and around the region of Schwabach and Roth, responsibility towards employees has always been the best tradition. Support is given whether in sickness or personal problems and as thanks we receive decade-long loyalty and trust. Caring for society in general, social commitment and environmentalism expand corporate responsibility over the years. This is reflected in Memmert's sustainable corporate management which be seen in many facets.