Pourquoi Memmert?

Ecological Responsibility

Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. With energy-efficient and climate-friendly laboratory equipment, Memmert continues to push the development of the GreenLab. 

1 Vacuum oven VO

Saves around 70% energy thanks to a speed-controlled pump.

Energy-efficient speed control significantly reduces operating costs and extends diaphragm life. Our measurements showed energy savings of around 70% compared to uncontrolled vacuum pumps.

Product information Vacuum oven VO.

3 Constant climate chamber HPPeco

Peltier-controlled XXL units with a volume of up to 2,200 litres.

Memmert enters new dimensions with the XXL devices. With an interior volume of around 2,200 litres, the largest climatic chamber has been built to operate without the energy-intensive use of refrigeration compressors and conventional heating.

Product information constant climate chamber HPPeco.

Peltier constant climate chamber HPP1060eco 1040 x 1200 x 850 mm | Memmert
Peltier constant climate chamber HPP1060eco 1040 x 1200 x 850 mm | Memmert

4 Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco

The first device with the Peltier heating/cooling concept from Memmert.

In the past, Peltier elements were used in coolers or small laboratory measuring instruments. In 2000, Memmert adapted Peltier technology for the first time for a laboratory device with high performance: heating and cooling with a single system without compressor and thus refrigerants.

Product information Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco.

Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco
Peltier constant climate chamber HPP410eco 640 x 1200 x 500 mm | Memmert