Full commitment to combine work and family needs a great effort. Therefore, Memmert supports the employees to recharge their batteries during sports and fitness off the job. The term "work-life balance" sums up our goal that we have in mind.

More than 500 employees. These are more than 500 life models with very different challenges. Some are at the very beginning of their professional careers, others bring children, career and leisure time under one roof; yet others consider what career step they want to take next. Of course, everyone has very different wishes and needs for Memmert as an employer. It is not easy to accommodate everyone, but we strive to be as close as possible: in an atmosphere of mutual trust, in which everyone is heard, everyone can develop according to their inclinations and abilities and everyone finds a way to keep the balance between family, career and leisure time.

What do we do for our employees?

  • Promotion of further education and training, language
  • Preventive examinations (e.g. optician) and flu vaccinations
  • Healthy, freshly cooked food in the in-house canteen and drinking water counters and fruit
  • Industrial psychologist for quick, anonymous help with problems and personal crises
  • Yoga room, basketball court, football pitch and pond / natural swimming pool on the company premises in Büchenbach
  • Team events and excursions and, if necessary, tutoring for trainees
  • Sports and fitness offers such as running, back training, swimming, Nordic walking, football, promotion of subscriptions for the fitness studio
  • Joint participation in sports events such as corporate running events, Memmert Rothsee Triathlon, Triathlon Roth, regional running events etc.
  • Child care in the company on working days when schools are on holiday