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Brigitte Vogel, who started her first job in order processing at Memmert straight after leaving school in 1974, has lived through almost half of our company history. On 3rd September 2009 she celebrated her 35-year anniversary in the company, together with some of her colleagues.
On the annual Girls’ Day, thousands of companies open their doors to schoolgirls between the age of 10 and 17. On the agenda are practical tasks like planing, milling and soldering, and machinery, technologies and job profiles are explained in detail. On April 26, 2012, also Memmert welcomed two young girls to the Büchenbach production facilities. One student came from the Johann Sebastian Bach Gymnasium in Windsbach, another from the Adam-Kraft Gymnasium in Schwabach.
Young girls in Germany are often still afraid of taking a typical “male profession”. Traditionally, women become to a large extent teachers, nurses, childcare workers or hairdressers. In order to help schoolgirls overcome their reluctance to take up a scientific or technical profession, the Girls‘ D
This year saw another “Night of Apprenticeships” in the Roth district, and we were a part of it! Along with 42 other companies, we opened our factory gates at our plant in Büchenbach on 23 June 2017. Like last year, we were once again pleased to welcome Gentner as our guest company, which also had a booth presenting the company to the public.
In total, we were happy to welcome about 150 interested young people and their parents and to answer a wide range of questions about training and apprenticeships at Memmert. Each of the fields of training we currently offer was explained by the apprentices and their trainers at an information stand.
Work-Life-Integration Full commitment to combine work and family needs a great effort. Therefore, Memmert supports the employees to recharge their batteries during sports and fitness off the job. The term "work-life balance" sums up our goal that we have in mind.
They both worked at Memmert for 48 years. The fact that Salvatore and Gabi Giurdanella are going into retirement now is unimaginable for many fellow Memmert employees. This was obvious at the farewell party from the high praise given to them both by the factory management in Büchenbach and the commercial and technical management.
Goodbye, Salvatore! His own farewell party was one of the few events where Salvatore did not take pictures himself. The native Sicilian was not only Memmert’s internal photographer at all major events, but is also one of the best amateur photographers in Germany . He has been rewarded many tim
Tennis players have their Wimbledon, triathletes Roth. For 15 years now, the world's largest and most popular race with athletes and fans alike, is the Challenge Roth. For Memmertian sport and triathlon fans it is a red-letter day, as important as family birthdays and Christmas.
The unique atmosphere at this triathlon event, which attracts 5,000 athletes to the starting line every year, is unrivalled to this day. No triathlete should miss riding up the Solar Hill at least once in their life feeling as if they had taken part in a leg of the Tour de France. On crossing the fi
Take care - infectious! As well as the veterans Christiane Riefler-Karpa, Carsten Angermeyer, Roland Mühe and Peter Krieger, new Memmert team members celebrated their debut in the Challenge Roth Triathlon over the Ironman distance this year. Youngster Matthias Grosser, already infected with the endurance virus since childhood, this year completed his first long distance as individual starter and turned in a brilliant result. The 24 year old completed the distance in a terrific 9 hours, 36 minutes and 45 seconds and as a result ranked this day as one of the best and most exciting of his life.
The 24 year old completed the distance in a terrific 9 hours, 36 minutes and 45 seconds and as a result ranked this day as one of the best and most exciting of his life. "He is so good we'll get him below the nine hours overall time yet", reckoned trainer Bennie Lindberg afterwards, who with the sup
On 22 and 23 June 2019, in pleasant temperatures tens of thousands of spectators were again gathered at the competition grounds in the beautifully surroundings of lake Roth. On Saturday the competitions for schoolchildren, young people, amateur triathletes and the Bundesliga took place. With more than 1600 athletes, the short distance competition on Sunday was traditionally the first highlight of the Franconian Triathlon Summer two weeks before the Challenge Roth. 17 single starters and 3 relays went to the starting line for Team Memmert. What especially pleases us: Johnny Zipf and Sophia Ramsauer finished in the top ten.
Start-finish-victory for Johnny Zipf At the 31st Memmert Rothsee Triathlon Jonathan Zipf from Team Memmert won the title of Middle Franconian Champion 2019. Over the Olympic distance of 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running he took just 1:53:39 hours. He had actually expected to have
As in the last few years, the last weekend in June once again saw the whole triathlon community in the region descend on us here at the Rothsee. This occasion is also a firm fixture in the Memmert family’s calendar, just like Christmas or birthdays. Over 2000 athletes turned out in brilliant sunshine to take part in the 29th Memmert Rothsee Triathlon. Not only did Memmert, as the main sponsor of this perfectly run event, organised entirely by volunteers, lend its name to the triathlon, our employees were also there running on the track, as spectators cheering participants along the route, and manning our stand at the starting line.
The Saturday of the triathlon weekend started off with children in the age group 6 - 7 years. They were followed by the next age groups up to juniors, and finally the second National Triathlon Championship. Before and after the race, all of the children (as well as anyone else who is still young at