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The programming of an incubator or a laboratory oven should be possible from anywhere in the world without problems. For this reason, Memmert generation 2012 devices feature a state-of-the-art ethernet interface and are easily and intuitively programmed via the AtmoCONTROL software.
Product Videos Design For more than 30 years, the outer housing of Memmert devices has been made of the unique structured stainless steel. Scratch-resistant, hygienic and a pleasure to the eyes of those who like to be surrounded by aesthetic, modern design. It's good when beauty and func
Under the motto "Safety at all times", Memmert introduces the new CO2 incubator ICO at the analytica 2016 trade show. The appliance is available in four sizes and is equipped with diverse functions to guarantee safety and easy operation.
The state-of-the-art CO 2 incubator ICO has extensive safety features: As operating display, logging and CO 2 control are battery-buffered, they remain fully functional - even during a power failure. It goes without saying that, without exception, all parameters are logged in compliance with F
[Translate to French:] Ultimativer Komfort, intuitive Bedienung, grenzenlose Kommunikation. Um die Funktionen der neuen Gerätegeneration 2012 vorzustellen, hat Memmert mehrere Kurzvideos produziert, die jetzt auch auf dem neuen Memmert YouTube-Channel MemmertTV zu finden sind.
[Translate to French:] Auf der Memmert Webseite sind die kurzen Videos, mit denen die vielen neuen Funktionen der Memmert Gerätegeneration 2012 vorgestellt werden, bereits zu finden. In den Filmen „bequemes Handling“ , „ControlCOCKPIT“ , „AtmoCONTROL Software“ , und „neue Türkonstruktion“

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