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In your eyes, what defines the ideal incubator for cell cultures? Memmert has talked to the head of the in vitro Institute for Molecular Biology, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Unteregger, about the requirements made of a CO2 incubator.
Memmert: Professor Unteregger, let‘s get straight to the point. What are the essential quality requirements made of an incubator for cell culture? Gerhard Unteregger: Well, above all a constant and high humidity – ideally at least 95 % - as well as fast recovery times after the door has been opened
Under the direction of biologist Jürgen Tautz, the Würzburg BEEgroup is carrying out basic research on bee health.
His mentor, Martin Lindauer, who is, along with Nobel Prize winner and behavioural scientist Karl von Frisch, one of the most famous ambassadors of bee research, one day presented him with a beehive. He must have known Jürgen Tautz well, because the present had the desired effect. From studying neur