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life sciences lab was inspired by our case study on protein cystallography and published an article describing the possible use of the Peltier-cooled incubator IPP for crystal growth, captioned "El incubador Peltier IPP de Memmert es ideal para la cristalografía de proteínas". Details on lifes
In its pre-trade fair edition, the trade magazine for laboratory technology and life sciences announces the presentation of the optional O2 module for digital oxygen control in the Memmert INCO CO2 incubator at the analytica 2010 in Munich. In German. Read more
Booth E32 | Hall 009 Hannover Messe Hannover, Germany
From basic scientific research to the finished product - the BIOTECHNICA covers the entire value-adding chain in the biotech sector. From 6-8 October 2015 the exhibition in Hannover (Germany) offers an overview and detailed insight into the diverse areas of the biotechnology and life-sciences-se
Our Memmert team in China can look back on a very successful 2015. Outstanding efforts in sales and marketing were acknowledged with two of the most popular awards in the sector.
“New Product Award” at the BCEIA 2015 At the BCEIA 2015, the 16th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis, the constant climate chamber HPP750 was awarded the “New Product Award” in the “Laboratory equipment” category. The energy-efficient climate chamber was able to stand
Young people are curious, eager for knowledge and committed. That is why Memmert, as an innovative company, places great value on promoting young professionals. Today, you can read two stories about the lives of our latest staff additions: “Girls’ Day at Memmert” and “Experiential learning near Big Ben and Chinatown”.
Girls' Day at Memmert On Girls’ Day 2013 on April 25, we welcomed three girls to our production site in Büchenbach for one day, so they could get a taste of working life. Of course, especially training jobs that are traditionally dominated by males such as electrical engineer, cutting machine ope
How do hospitals keep blankets warm? This page is here to help. A common device in the medical care field is the blanket warmer. We have all seen it but can’t always put a finger on it. Not anymore. In this all-round article, we go through all that you need to know about a blanket warmer to be a total expert on the topic.
A heating oven that offers pre-warmed blankets and cloths for the emergency room, delivery room or the recovery room is an absolute essential. This helps maintain normothermia in pre-op situations, among others. This article explains the essentials of a blanket warmer. Its features, purpose,