Memmert News

Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty, 30 million are refugees, and more than 260 million have no access to education. In spite of these daunting numbers, we still firmly believe that we – and that means every single one of us – can make the world a better place. And this is why the Memmert Christmas donation this year will again support projects for helping...

In diesem Jahr veranstaltete Memmert erstmals eine eigene Ausbildungsnacht, die zu einem vollen Erfolg wurde. Etwa 170 interessierte Jugendliche und deren Eltern kamen an unseren Produktionsstandort in Büchenbach, um sich über die Firma und die verschiedenen Ausbildungsberufe bei Memmert zu informieren.

Children are born without hate or prejudices. They have no idea what racism means and do not pigeonhole people as 'good' or 'bad'. At the same time, they far too often fall victim to war, misrule, or violence. Like every year, the traditional Memmert Christmas donation will therefore go to aid organisations which help children and adolescents in war and crisis regions as well...

Memmert is pleased to announce that three renowned experts in temperature control technology have recently joined us to represent the Memmert brand in important key markets. Amanda Zani and Roberto Mufarrej will support our Brazilian dealers in consulting and in building and maintaining customer relationships. Tony Withers, an ardent Memmert-fan will carry out the same tasks in...

The Memmert Family had a cheerful, motley celebration on the factory premises in Büchenbach on 29 September 2016. Customers, politicians and representatives of the building contractors involved attended the official inauguration of the newly erected production hall and office wing. Of course, all Memmert employees and their families were invited as well.

The Night of Apprenticeships took place in Roth for the third time in a row on 17 June 2016. More than 200 interested attendees made their way to the Memmert site in Büchenbach by car or shuttle bus. This year our guests Gentner also presented their apprenticeships in the Memmert canteen for the first time.

They both worked at Memmert for 48 years. The fact that Salvatore and Gabi Giurdanella are going into retirement now is unimaginable for many fellow Memmert employees. This was obvious at the farewell party from the high praise given to them both by the factory management in Büchenbach and the commercial and technical management.

For different reasons, Memmert has to undergo a recertification process every three years in accordance with the worldwide strictest quality management system for medical devices DIN EN ISO 13485. The most important reason is clear: highest possible safety for our clients.

In the future the networking of intelligent devices will change the laboratory sector, giving rise to the idea of networking the development of laboratory equipment and services. The manufacturers Memmert, Köttermann, Sartorius, Hirschmann and 2mag have founded an interdisciplinary team to tackle this challenge.

Now in its third generation, Memmert develops and produces temperature control appliances at two locations in Germany. The product range includes heating and drying ovens, sterilisers, vacuum ovens, incubators, cooled incubators, CO2 incubators, constant climate chambers, humidity chambers, climate chambers and water and oil baths.