Christmas Donation 2018 - Keep cool. We care for those in need.

Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty, 30 million are refugees, and more than 260 million have no access to education. In spite of these daunting numbers, we still firmly believe that we – and that means every single one of us – can make the world a better place. And this is why the Memmert Christmas donation this year will again support projects for helping the youngest and weakest among us.

Education for the children of Africa

In Africa alone, 124 million children are unable to attend school. Many of them have no future prospects at all as a result of drought, malnutrition, military conflicts, or inadequate medical care. With this in mind, our traditional donation to  SOS Children's Villages will help fund educational measures across the whole of Africa – as opposed to our usual policy of focusing on a specific crisis area. Social scientists are unanimous that the best way to lift children out of poverty is to give them the opportunity to attend school and learn a trade or profession, just like SOS Children's Villages have been doing in Africa for decades. At many locations, they run their own schools, nurseries, and training centres for abandoned and disadvantaged children or orphans who are still minors. They also help with school fees via family strengthening programmes and offer further training for teachers as well as supporting mother and child centres, child development initiatives, public education establishments, and much more besides.

A big thank you to Doctors Without Borders

Since 1971, this aid organisation has been going to places where people have taken refuge or been exiled. To regions hit by floods and earthquakes, war zones around the world, and places where epidemics and hunger are rife. They operate in 70 countries worldwide, giving their all to alleviate misery and provide medical assistance. Current deployments include Yemen, Syria, Congo, Greece, and Italy.  Doctors Without Borders often risk their lives in the course of their duties or may even be prevented from doing their work by individual governments. We can only admire this unconditional, non-partisan, and independent work on behalf of humanity, and this is why we are again supporting Doctors Without Borders Germany (Medecins sans frontiers) this year with a financial donation for emergency aid measures.

Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München provides comfort and help

Caring for seriously ill children and those with life-limiting conditions often stretches families to their mental and physical limits. The team of professionals and specialists at Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (Munich's hospice for children) support families across Bavaria – over many years in lots of cases – because simply knowing you are not alone in this kind of situation can provide some comfort. Each family of a young patient has their own unique story, so tailored support is provided too. This includes aids not paid for by health insurance providers, respite care so family members can take a break, the chance to talk during crises, comfort at times of overwhelming sadness, and sometimes simply making a special wish come true. Sadly, health insurance providers in Germany only cover 20% of the costs associated with children's hospices.  Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München has to find at least a million euros each year in order to continue providing this urgently needed hospice service. We are obviously happy to help again this year.

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